Innosilicon are they really a legitimate factory?

It is really great start business with Chinese companies specially manufacturer of cryptocurrency miners.
In fact, I bought an A10 Master from Innosilicon Ethash asicminer mining Ethereum 7 months ago…
I learned in recent days that my miner is likely to be a 4G, so will stop mining Ethereum by October-November this year.
I joined the manufacturer and as a nice reply, they told me, my 180-day warranty has passed for a month and they can’t help me.
I explained them I’ve spent 3000 Dollars for a working miner barely 9 months and no indications this miner was a 4G, mine was builded in october 2019.
Obviously if I knew earlier I’d reacted before the end of the warranty or would have waited 1 additional month for the 5g to be on the market of course if they would inform us about it…?
It’s just another story of unhealthy money, I have the possibility of carrying out an Upgrade from 4g to 5g but it will cost me 600 Dollars, and the shipments to China and return approximately 1100 usd global bill for a miner who’s gonna work no more than a year longer because the Dag will reach 5g in 2022.
In short, I don’t think this kind of business with last a long time, specially done by a Chinese merchant on the lookout for the last few dollars. I really think Innosilicon company is not really reliable when it comes to being clairvoyant with its customers.
For example Bitmain warned all their customers and tried to solve the problem without having to pay a cent when they ve had E3 Antminer troubleshot…
I do not have news but would like to know if the pre-orders of Grin32 miner was refunded to their clients by Inno’s factory, at least not to me I did not get a penny back…

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